Operation interface with a touch sceen have to fulfill special requirements compared to any other interface with the user. Here are some of these special characteristics:
-Intuitive design so that the human addapting effort to the interface to be null
-Attractive graphic design
-Sensitive areas big enough for easy selection
-Preventing system utilization for other purposes than those allowed by touchscreen application.
-Replacement of the classical methods of mouse visual selection (double-click, drag, drop, etc) by simple touches on the screen.

InfoTouch Systems creates and delivers customized software for touchscreen application. Using ergonomic interfaces designed by experienced designers, the interactive applications produced by our company are designated to be used naturally, without any adaptation effort of the users. The applications can be connected to any existing data bases in order to present information to the users. The interactive applications produced by InfoTouch can also include multimedia content as: audio, video, live presentations, videoconferences, ...

Web- Station internet kiosk
Our company is authorized distributor for Romania of the Web browser and virtual keyboard application, specially designed by Sitekiosk for touch screen internet navigation. The Sitekiosk application has an e-mail client integrated in the basic version. 

Web- Museum kiosk
By means of this application the exhibits in a museum can be presented in an interactive way. The application developed by InfoTouch Systems includes both interface interactive elements and archive video sequencies. 

Web Store kiosk 
The application presents general information about the supermarket and its departments, the map of the store where these can be localized. A searching engine gives the possibility to look for different products in the catalog and to locate visually on the map the department they are displayed. Promotions, fidelity programs and many other applications can also run on the kiosk.


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